Yard Supervisor : Adendorffs

Job Description 

  • An established and highly reputable vehicle and truck rental company with a long-standing track record for delivering exceptional service is looking for an entry-level candidate who will be required to work independently and adapt to an exceptional team already in place in the West Rand Area.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Clear understanding of what Vehicles are in the yard and their availability for hire.
  • Vehicles to be grouped and parked neatly, and preferably per tonnage category.
  • When required, book Vehicles into Workshop on Fleet Domain for services, COF, License, damages, general inspection, branding etc,
  • Check every vehicle in the yard for service interval, COF and license expiry, damages and branding as per SOP.
  • Check in de-hired vehicles from customers or branches, new check sheet to be completed each time and vehicle to be closed off on old check sheet and agreement to be handed to Operations to invoice accordingly.
  • Vehicles that return from clients (rentals or replacements but not FML’s) to be filled up with Diesel, checked and washed before they are parked back in line for rental. New Inspection sheet to be completed each time.
  • Ensure that every available vehicle for rent, has a completed Inspection sheet, is filled up and clean, and is ready for hiring, with an e-tag serial number noted on the Inspection sheet.
  • Ensure that all vehicles in the yard and locked and ensure all keys are placed in the key safe before leaving the office.
  • Assisting customers to book in their vehicles into the workshop (top up the oil, check brakes, tyres etc.) Inform operations immediately when a driver is waiting for their vehicle.
  • Know what vehicles are available in your yard and which vehicles are in the workshop at all times.
  • All vehicle tyres as well as batteries must be branded – ensure this is done prior to completing a new Inspection sheet.
  • To do a workshop book-in sheet for all vehicles going into the workshop, check system history prior to booking.
  • Create a booking on Fleet Domain. workshop booking sheet to be taken to the workshop manager immediately for the work to commence. Once the workshop manager has opened the printed job card the booking sheet is to be collected and filed.
  • Inspect vehicles coming out of the workshop that all repairs have been completed as per accurate booking.
  • Be available to be on standby every alternate week and upon arrangements made by the Branch Manager.
  • Note Damages and missing tools, and spare wheels on Vehicles on a blank photocopy Inspection Sheet and report to Operators and Branch Manager for invoicing to customer, branch or staff member.
  • Yard List to be completed daily before shift ends, noted on manual Yard list vehicles that went to the workshop or left the yard for that day & were comparing this with the booking chart as per SOP.
  • Vehicle Refurb scheduled to be sent to Branch Manager and Fleet Manager, monthly.
  • Ensure that no vehicle leaves the yard without a comprehensively completed Inspection Sheet, and a valid License and that a signed Schedule to the Master agreement is in our possession as well as Insurance confirmation where a client has opted to arrange their own insurance.
  • Vehicle Audit to be done on a monthly basis to establish vehicle specifications are accurate to that of Fleet Domain.
  • All vehicles going out the following day are to be parked the night before, with keys left at security to ensure drivers leave in the morning as arranged by Operations, without any delay or moving any other vehicles.
  • The workshop manager needs to be asked when using any of workshop staff to drive vehicles for operations. No Workshop staff may drive for operations unless the Workshop Manager has given permission.
  • To know all operations driver’s whereabouts at all times, plan daily routes and communicate these routes to the drivers.
  • Inform drivers about the following day’s vehicles that needs to be dispatched as per arrangements by Operators, including collections, deliveries, services and relief units.


  • Code 10 License Imperative
  • Must be able to work under pressure and accurately.