Warehouse Assistant Jobs at Volvo

Job Description:

The main purpose of the job is to be a key-player in delivering the Customer Charter and achieves high customer satisfaction combined with optimized aftermarket profitability through providing a service delivery in line with our customers’ expectations and assist with all relevant functions within the parts warehouse. Secure that the dealership is working according to GVS process in the phases “Planning”, “On Arrival” and “Dealer to customer and follow up”.


– Grade 12.
– Minimum of three years warehousing experience.


– Self-motivated.
– People orientated.
– Good communication and interpersonal skills.
– Customer Orientated.
– Resource Management abilities.
– Teamwork.
– Quality orientated.
– Ability to plan and organize.
– Stock control.
– Time Management.
– Attention to detail.

Duties and Responsibilities:

– Receiving/Inbound
• Ensure and oversee that the receiving of goods are done according to Volvo procedure.
• To ensure that all parts are received accurately against documentation and within prescribed time as set by KPI standards.
• To timeously report all discrepancies to the Warehouse controller when parts received are not conforming to standards and to document descriptions and part numbers.
• Ensure that parts are binned according to system allocations and not according to label allocations.
– Outbound
• Process all customer order requests and ensure correct picking, packing and distribution of parts according to the Volvo procedures.
• Must at all times make sure that the system is updated after authorization.
• To make sure the correct parts and quantities are dispatched as per invoice.
• To provide an efficient and effective service to the workshop by ensuring that all Technicians receive their parts as soon as orders are processed and parts are picked.
– Perpetual Stock Counts and Bin Verifications
• Ensuring that perpetual counts are done on a daily basis as per set quantities on the total volume of the Warehouse.
• To make sure a thorough investigation is done when discrepancies occur.
• All adjustments to be investigated and updates to be authorized before the system is updated.
– House Keeping
• Ensure warehouse premises (inside/outside) always neat and tidy.
• Ensure parts stored correctly.
• Ensure all parts are binned correctly.
• Ensure waste collected timeously.
• Perimeter secure.
– Exchange Parts
• Ensure parts from customer are at the agreed exchange standards (See Manual).
• Responsible for physical receiving & storage until sent back to main branch for processing.
– Health and Safety
• To ensure that all warehouse personnel abides by the rules and regulations set aside in the Volvo procedures regarding health and safety.

Closing Date:

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