Trainee (Miller) x2 | Pepsico Vacancies

Job Description
1. Raw Material
Maintain a correct wheat blend
Maintain optimum cleaning and wheat conditioning
Maintain stock levels of vitamins/
Flour Corrector on the floor at
the Mill.
2. Production
Be informed what products will be milled for the day with the Shift Miller (Shift Meeting)
Take, do and record 2 hourly flour samples per Mill (3 to 4 Samples) on A and B Mill. (IM9500, Colour, Sieving, Vitamin and Corrector presence test)
Take, do and record 2 hourly wheat samples per Mill (4 Samples: 1BK and Dry) on A and B Mill.
Do wet ups 2 x times per shift for A and B Mill.
Do Bin dips 1 x time per shift on 6th floor @ +- 05h00.
Fill Vitamin and Corrector feeders on A and B mill.
Take physical Vitamin and Corrector sample to weigh and record.
Inspect working action of all machinery on wheat cleaning, conditioning, and milling including sifters and airlocks.
Open, clear and assist with any blockages/chokes when occurring.
Report defects to miller
To mix away chokes that occurred on shift into choke mixer.
To inspect and brush purifier covers and bran finisher screens.
Put out sifter samples on sample boards with the Shift Miller
Be present on Plansifter floors for A and B Mill during start up to inspect connector sleeves.
Break Releases
Perform all reasonable duties assigned by Shift Miller – Performing duties as a Production Team.
3. Administration
Production back flushes on SAP
4. Maintenance
To assist with ALL production maintenance as per the weekly maintenance schedules plan
To assist a fitter or electrician after hours on a call-out, with product related chokes.
Assist with the covering of sieve frames.
5. Fortification
Vitamin/Flour Corrector addition.
6. Food Safety & Occupational Safety
Plant hygiene
Plant Housekeeping. Ensures that Mills are clean and tidy at all times.
Plant Safety
Opening up of roll stands, plant sifters and other milling machinery, as part of fumigation preparation and general housekeeping
Maintain health & safety standards.
Ensure all floors are clear of chokes and neat for next Shift.
7. Human Relations
To work in good spirit with all Pioneer Foods employees and customers
Personal hygiene
8. Relief
Provide assistance when needed to other operational areas
– Production
– Technical skill
– Ability to adjust to improve efficiencies
– Reconciliation of product
– Wheat grading and quality.
– Policies and procedures.
– Stock management.
– Sap system
– Product knowledge Mill system knowledge
– Milling knowledge
– GMF training.
– Grade 12
– Communication
– Problem solving
– Plan, organise and control
– Technical and Milling knowledge.
– Housekeeping
– Technical knowledge
This job is in Johannesburg
The closing date is not specified
Date published 28 June 2022