Tender Administrator | MYM Investment

▪ Manage the tender department to meet tender submission deadlines.
▪ Attend to tender administration requests.
▪ Perform tender administrative tasks timeously and with precision.
▪ Timeously obtain inter-departmental signoffs as/when required such as costing and scope of work.
▪ Accurately complete all required tender documents in line with requirements.
▪ Compilation of the tender files
▪ Ensure delivery of the tender on the submission date and time.
▪ Ensure that the central supplier database registrations are compliant.
▪ Respond to client tender/database compliance queries timeously, efficiently, and accurately.
▪ Manage the tender process in respect of RFQ’s, RFP’s in line with the general tender Department Process when required.
▪ Assistance business departments on tender-related matters.
▪ Conduct yourself in accordance with the values of the company.
▪ Display ethical and transparent behavior.

▪ Take accountability for the consequences of your actions and decisions.
▪ Ability to effectively collaborate with all stakeholders within the business.
▪ Follow through on commitments and completion of tasks.
▪ Produce quality and accurate work.
▪ Ability to see tasks through to completion by being resilient, despite challenges.
▪ To keep track of all advertised tenders via subscribed Tender publications.
▪ To arrange for tender documents to be collected, a tender briefing attended and finalised tender documents submitted to the specified location before the specified deadline.
▪ To read, scan and forward tender documents to relevant role-players in the business and convene a tender Committee meeting for major tenders.
▪ To coordinate input from all role-players and compile tender documents according to specified requirements and arrange for pricing and tender sign-off by the relevant Directors.
▪ To ensure supporting documents are always up to date e.g., tax clearance certificates, BEE Certificates, COIDA etc.
▪ To track and report on all submitted tenders weekly and attend to all tender-related queries.

Job relevant attributes
▪ Manage people and communicate well with team members
▪ Must be professional and have an excellent work ethic- Must have a pleasant approachable personality
▪ Ability to learn fast and adapt easily to a new task given
▪ Attention to detail
▪ To be prepared to work long hours when required, and work overtime
▪ Be deadline driven
▪ Must be responsible and reliable
▪ Ability to work under pressure, multitask and maintain meticulous records
▪ Must manage your desk effectively and efficiently
▪ Ability to live the company values and culture