Stock Controller Jobs at TWK Agri

Job Description:

The Stock Controller is responsible for planning and coordinating the availability of stock to meet customer demands. They monitor stock levels, conduct stock checks, and establish effective stock control procedures. They also receive incoming stock consignments, maintain stock reports, and collaborate with other departments to ensure timely deliveries and fulfill orders.


– Matric / Grade 12
– Experience in stock control or inventory management
– Strong analytical and numerical abilities
– Attention to detail
– Computer literate
– Knowledge of inventory control principles, procedures, and best practices
– Strong organizational skills
– Excellent time management skills
– Strong interpersonal skills
– Problem-solving skills
– Experience on Mining sites (advantageous)

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Plan and coordinate the availability of stock to meet customer demands
• Monitor stock levels, identifying potential stock shortages and implementing measures to avoid stockouts
• Conduct periodic stock checks to ensure accuracy and reconcile any discrepancies
• Establish and maintain effective stock control procedures while adhering to company policies
• Organize and maintain proper stock layout, ensuring efficient space utilization
• Regularly review stock levels and recommend adjustments to optimize inventory levels
• Receive incoming stock consignments and verify the quantity and quality of items received
• Ensure accurate and timely recording of all stock movements and adjustments
• Prepare and maintain stock reports, records, and documentation, as required
• Collaborate with the purchasing department to ensure timely and accurate deliveries of stock
• Liaise with other departments to maintain effective communication regarding stock availability and requirements
• Work closely with the sales and customer service teams to fulfill orders and address any stock-related inquiries
• Ensure compliance with all safety regulations and stock control policies
• Prepare regular reports on stock levels, variances, and other relevant data management