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Job Advert Summary


• To analyse the Company’s logistics flow (Rail and Road) in order to develop and implement operational logistics strategies and plans to ensure continuous optimisation of product flows between Business Units and destinations.


• Balancing logistics capacity and variations with production.

Minimum Requirements


• B Degree (Relevant) (Essential/Minimum or)
• Bachelor of Commerce:Logistics Managemen (Essential/Minimum)
• Certificate First Line Management (Recommended/Desirable)

5 years Relevant experience in Flow management (inbound and outbound) with a minimum of 2 years’ operational experience (Essential/Minimum) Operational


• Psychometric Assessment (Essential/Minimum) (To be conducted by Exxaro)
• Certificate of Fitness (Essential/Minimum) (To be conducted by Exxaro)

Duties & Responsibilities
The incumbent will inter alia be responsible for the following:

Business Process and Development

• On the basis of analysis of the logistics environment, assist manager in developing the logistics strategy
• Analyse the performance of the operational logistics and launch operational excellence improvement initiatives in conjunction with Business Unit (BU) Business Improvement (BI)

Customer, Stakeholder and Client Relationship Management

• Maintain relationships with both internal and external customers and suppliers to promote department and overall company image
• Attend to customer logistical requests and complaints, conduct regular follow-ups to ensure problems have been resolved
• Achieve an effective interface between customers, service providers and mines by integrating internal rail and road operations into flow design, management and control
• Manage and communicate daily problems or deviations experienced by the transporter
• Establish and manage different forums with customers and service providers

Functional Excellence

• Provide input into Marketing and Logistics policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, end-to-end processes, tools, templates etc. (where required) and adhere to these
• Standardise, simplify and speed-up functional processes, eliminate duplication/bureaucracy
• Develop and apply functional best practices, promote sharing of best practices/knowledge
• Oversee and monitor functional activities at operations
• Identify and manage critical functional risks through appropriate mitigation plans/actions

Functional Management

• Financial management: Comply to Marketing and Logistics budget and forecast costs
• Performance management: Assist with implementing Logistics’ strategic plan through disciplined execution processes, track implementation, and provide feedback to relevant manager. Contribute towards functional/cross-functional activities to ensure strategic alignment. Track and drive functional targets/goals to achieve results
• Continuous improvement and functional change: Contribute towards identifying, advocating and implementing Marketing and Logistics’ improvement and change. Contribute towards a culture of continuous improvement and change agility in function
• Engagement/communication: Engage with operations and cross- functionally with peers. Represent Marketing and Logistics and the Company externally, as required
• Governance: Ensure Marketing and Logistics adheres to governance, policies and standards, statutory and legal compliance. Entrench a culture of discipline

Logistics Management

• Annual and Quarterly Forecasting, Planning and Execution, given Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) Rail Rate and destination requirements/constraints (e.g. Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) Export declaration)
• Management of dispatch plan and source and destination stock levels (where applicable) on 3-month forward basis in conjunction with relevant BU and Corporate Centre (CC) staff
• Coordinate and implement specific flow plans
• Execute business strategies and logistical plans of flow management of materials via communication between BUs, clients and suppliers
• Ensure control of all infrastructure associated with supply chain movement
• Coordinate the import, domestic and export flows for each customer
• Ensure specific logistic flow management and control is executed cost effectively
• Implement the use of rail and road transportation (taking into account the lead dispatches, time constraints and storage capacity)
• Compile next week’s execution and dispatch plan
• Corrective action in terms of variances in planned production and logistics
• Co-ordinate and implement rail and shipment plans on export position file
• Ensure logistics supply chain fulfils the shipping plan and that stocks are maintained at the port/customer

Performance Management

• Provide performance measurement, reporting and controlling of coal flows
• Ensure actual raw material movements are captured accurately
• Monitor actual consumption versus planned consumption to ensure adequate stock levels
• Calculate and maintain ideal stock levels per blend for each product
• Determine production variations directly from BUs and incorporate in transport plans
• Coordinate raw materials budgets (long-term plans, 18-month rolling plans etc.) from sources and destinations, compile transport plans
• Compile reports regarding the progress and completion of raw material flows
• Compile annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly transport and shipping plans
• Reconcile actual performance against set targets (volumes and performance standards) for inputs into commercial processes
• Align performance reporting with Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and ensure BU compliance with set standards
• Identify persistent performance deviations and escalate to BU BI

Safe and Healthy Work Environment

• Adhere to all health and safety practices and promote good housekeeping on an ongoing basis
• Address all unsafe practices/potential hazardous situations, rectify/report to superior
• Comply with Safety Health Environment and Community (SHEC)/technical requirements
• Wear applicable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at all times

Behavioural Alignment

Demonstrates the following:

• Creativity, collaboration, sociable and awareness to the ecosystem
• Stewardship, accountability, ability to develop trust, safety conscious and ethical
• Ability to respond quickly to business needs/agility, flexibility, continuous learning, innovation and proven ability to experiment on creative business solutions
• Ability to be inclusive, eagerness for multiple skills, embraces multiple cultures, accepts different approaches and be human-centric/empathetic
• Results oriented, quality driven, excellence, entrepreneurial abilities, efficient and effective

The appointment will be made in accordance with Exxaro’s Employment Equity policy. If you have not been contacted within 28 days of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.