Site General Assistant : eMedia Investments -eTV

Job Description
  • The incumbent would be required to to keep the indoor and outdoor facility areas clean. Emptying site waste bins, performing minor repairs such as changing bulbs, fitting and fixing leaking taps, replacing geysers, preparing walls for painting, patching and replacing drywall, understand and follow Site Safety procedures and regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Maintain cleanliness of outside space such as parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Sweeping of leaves and litter around site.
  • Cutting and trimming of garden grass and trees.
  • Assist with minor plumbing including unblocking of kitchen sinks, drains ,replacing damaged geyser and repair leaking taps.
  • Replacing broken and damaged ceiling boards.
  • Replacing of light bulbs and fluorescent light tubes.
  • Preparing walls for painting.
  • Repair and clean  damaged, broken chairs and tables.
  • Cut grass and remove weeds at school field ground.
  • Cleaning of basement parking space.
Job Requirements


  • Grade 12
  • National Senior Certificate


  • 2 years experience in Maintenance