Sanofi Learnership Programme – Trade & Revenue

Job Purpose
Gains knowledge and experience required to gain a better understanding and necessary experience within Sanofi under direction of experienced personnel by performing the following duties.
Key accountabilities
– Receives training and performs duties in several divisions of Trade and Revenue such as Revenue management, Key account management, Public sector and business development. Learns line and staff functions, operations, management viewpoints and company policies and practices that affect each phase of the business
– Observes experienced workers to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures, and standards required for performance of departmental duties.
– Receives training in functions and operations of related departments to facilitate subsequent transferability between departments and to provide greater promotional opportunities.
– Ad hoc financial modelling, analysis and feasibility studies reflecting return on investment, as and when required by the business.
– Assist KAM (Key Account Managers) team in general administration duties such as invoicing, payments and follow ups.
– Assist DSM (District Sales managers) teams with monthly sales reporting for the sales teams using reporting tools such as Qlikview.
– To update Stock cover file (liaising with supply chain), ensuring accuracy and reporting weekly (internally) to KAM team as well as disseminating information to specific external customers.
– Pull Dis-chem & Clicks data from relevant data portals (daily and weekly) and work together with Business Operations to ensure updates for all relevant Qlikview models.
– To have access to Future wave and obtain relevant training in order to assist the KAM (Key Account Managers) team with stock whereabouts, tracking of orders, outstanding invoices, delivery times etc.
– Assist the KAMs to keep customer groupings up to date in all relevant Qlikview models
– Assist in maintaining the Sanofi price list
– Job shadow specific identified individuals within the T&R management team to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of the business needs and requirements. This could include joining management at external customer meetings such as DSV (Distribution Partner) meetings (Supply Chain and Department of Health meeting (Pubic sector) etc.
– Work in-field with PSR’s (Professional Sales representatives) in all fields (across all Business Units) to gain better understanding of PSR’s (Professional Sales representatives) environment, needs and expectations.
Minimum Requirements
– Recently qualified graduate
– Strong written, verbal, analytical and presentation skills. Ability to interact effectively with a wide range of staff throughout the company. Position requires proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
– Independently manage specific identified projects as deemed necessary by the T&R (Trade & Revenue) management team, see below list of identified projects but not limited to: Updated Stock Reports; Daily Sales Update Reports; Customer Reports
Play to win behaviors
– Push to go beyond the level we have operated until now :
– constantly challenge the status quo focusing on the priorities that will deliver the best outcomes and letting go what won’t: be intolerant to mediocracy, believe we can and must do better and aim at higher but never at the expenses of our values and judgment
– Put the interest of the organization ahead of own of those of his her team :
– consider both short and long term impact of decisions ; puts collective and global goals above individual or local goals; share resources and capabilities with those with the greatest need and impact; enable decision making at appropriate level
– Act in the interest of our patients and customers :
– actively engage with customers to know their current and future needs; brings an external perspective into decisions
– Take action and don’t wait to be told what to do :
take smart and informed best bets with the information at hand and anticipate the consequences of her/his actions; use personal judgement and others’ advice to make bold and impactful decisions which move us forward
The closing date is not specified
Date published 29 June 2022