Sales/Lead/Referral Generation :

Job Description

  • Earn money as an insurance face to face lead generator. Whether you are employed, unemployed, experienced or inexperienced, you can request to be a user on

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • As an approved user, you get the opportunity to market insurance services and load interested sales prospects.
  • Generating of leads can be achieved in various ways from approaching face to face, knocking on doors, phoning or referring friends and family.
  • All you need to do is ensure that the customers you load as leads are fully aware that they will be contacted. Customers are sent an SMS confirmation before being called. Terms and conditions apply. Smartphone required.

Earning Potentials

Your earning is commission only. This is determined by the number of valid leads you load and the number of insurance policies that pay two months premium after they are sold. These prospects (Leads) will be called, and if sold and pay 2 full months premiums, it results in you earning money for every lead loaded and 75% of the combined value of the two paid premiums after premiums are collected. If 10 policies are sold that pay 2 months premiums at a premium of R2 000 each. This can result in a R30 000 commission payment excluding lead payment.