Receptionist Jobs at Tsebo

Job Description:

The Receptionist will be responsible for receiving all visitors in a friendly and professional manner, notifying the relevant person of their visitors, and administering workplace reception services. They will also be responsible for reviewing visitor and client arrivals, providing information about amenities and venues, and offering assistance with tasks such as travel arrangements and restaurant reservations. The Receptionist will ensure compliance with health and quality standards, maintain meeting rooms, and report any building maintenance issues. They will also interact with clients to provide information and process inquiries, conduct client satisfaction surveys, and resolve customer queries. The Receptionist will prepare weekly/monthly reporting, update relevant records, and adhere to the company’s code of conduct.


– Grade 12 (non-negotiable)
– Computer literacy
– 2-3 years frontline hotel/customer service experience


– MS Office Suite
– Knowledge of equipment, materials, and suppliers used in facilities management
– Proven experience as a Concierge
– Familiarity with hospitality industry standards
– Proficiency in English; knowledge of additional languages is a plus
– Computer literacy
– Customer-oriented and professional attitude
– Outstanding communication abilities
– Excellent organizational and time-management skills
– Hospitality and customer-centric focus
– Emotional Intelligence: ability to work with colleagues who have different ways of behaving and interacting

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Review visitor and client arrivals for the day
• Attend to special arrival and meeting room requirements
• Provide information about amenities, area, and venues
• Anticipate client needs and build rapport with clients
• Offer assistance with certain tasks (e.g. confirming travel arrangements, taking messages, restaurant reservations, etc)
• Offer assistance with meeting room technical requirements
• Report client feedback to the Helpdesk and revert to clients and visitors with resolution
• Escalate unresolved complaints to the Manager when necessary
• Report any building maintenance to the TFS call centre daily
• Ensure compliance with health and quality standards
• Ensure all meeting rooms are set up as required by the client
• Conduct daily inspections to ensure that all chairs are in place, meeting room is clean, and cables are tidy
• Test AC and VC equipment prior to use
• Ensure water jugs are refreshed regularly throughout the day and that clean glasses are available at all times
• Ensure that all whiteboards are cleaned, whiteboard markers are working well, and that an eraser is available
• Sign Condeco panels in and out as and when required
• Ensure that rooms are cleared and tidied after each meeting
• Ensure that tables are cleared and chairs are aligned after each meeting
• Report overflowing dustbins and cleaning issues to the cleaning team on duty in your area
• Report and hand in any lost property found in meeting rooms to security
• Ensure that all bookings for your floor are noted and planned at least 48 hours prior to the meeting

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