Property Maintenance Handyman | RJPersonnel


Candidate Responsibilities include but not limited to:
KPA Discuss and Receive daily job sheet from Building Manager of maintenance issues that must be attended to and report back on progress achieved to the line manager the next day. Visit buildings on schedule and attend to maintenance problems. Receive emergency call from line manager to attend to immediate maintenance problem. Assist with new tenant installations and deliver a installation service in own field of specialty (carpentry, tiling, plumbing, painting, gardening, general maintenance) Self-Development. Conduct routine building inspections as per the approved standards and checklists (including vacant buildings and/or spaces) Provide minor repairs & maintenance services (relating to indoor, outdoor & equipment as specified by the facilities/building manager) Request and maintain tools &consumables required for building repairs and maintenance Check in regularly (min weekly) with tenants to maintain positive relationships Provide access to SLA service providers and assist in the oversight contractors working on the building site Alert and attend to building emergencies as per the approved Emergency Protocol
Internal Business Process Attend morning meeting with Maintenance Line Manager and other team members and hand in job sheet of the previous day Report back on the jobs competed or not attended to on the previous day. Receive new job sheet/schedule of jobs and daily team member to be attended to from the Line Manager. Line Manager discusses complaints received by e-mail from tenants and discusses possible solutions with team members. Estimate cost of Solution decided upon and forwarded to Property Manager for his/her consideration. If Property Manager agrees with internal solution

Training and Development (TBA%)
Assessment of skills level when compared to the competency profile for the position and job performance
Personal skills and Career development Plan to be put in place
Attendance of agreed training programme and on the job training
Customer Focus

• Visit different buildings as part of two maintenance teams and attend to various maintenance problems on daily schedule such as:
Replacement of light globes; door locks, broken windows, painting, replacement of carpets and broken tiles;
Install dry walls and replace ceilings;
Leaking tapes, blocked drains, broken toilette seats, blocked urinals.

• Remove building rubble from site and take to nearest municipal dump.
• Ensure that the property always maintains a standard of cleanliness and hygiene.