Process Control Assistant | Rand Water

The successful incumbent will be assisting the Supervisor to isolate pump sets and pipe lines by opening and closing manual valves. General cleaning of Engine rooms, toilets, change rooms, eating facilities, pumps, motors and pipe work. Monitor and operate sump pumps to prevent flooding of Engine rooms.

Minimum Requirements
– Grade 12.
– Basic understanding of the water treatment process.
– Safety training.
– Legible to be classified as a Class II Process Control Assistant.

Primary Duties
– Assisting in the isolation of pump sets and pipe lines by opening and closing of manual valves when isolating pump sets and pipe lines as per Supervisor instructions.
– Assisting with scouring of pipelines by means of operating diesel driven pumps.
– General assistance during Engine Room shut downs.
– Maintain the control room area by washing the area with soap and mop as well as using a vacuum cleaner. Feather dusting control panels and handrails. Removal of sediment from sump pits by using a shovel.
– Monitor and operating of sump pumps. Check levels of sump pits daily to prevent the flooding of the Engine Room.
– Cleaning of pumps, motors and pipe work in the Engine Room.
– General cleaning of Engine room floors, basements and stair cases. Removal of spider webs. Cleaning of windows and removal of weeds around the Engine rooms

– Safety procedures
– Basic understanding of water treatment process
– Skills
– Good communication skills(verbal)
– Good housekeeping
– Attitude
– Team player, friendly
– Safety consciousness