Personal Shopper Jobs at OneCart

Job Description:

As a personal concierge shopper, you will be required to offer advice and guidance on products, prepare orders for delivery, and assist with customer queries. You should demonstrate excellent communication skills and strive to exceed customer expectations. Personal concierge shoppers are required to remain in-store during working hours.


– Must be 18 – 37 years old
– Must have a matric qualification
– Ability to communicate effectively in English


– Excellent communication skills
– Resourcefulness
– Attention to detail
– Customer service

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Helping customers make the best possible purchases by providing advice, guidance, and excellent customer service.
• Supporting customers by fulfilling placed orders and making payments in person.
• Responding promptly and effectively to customers’ complaints and requests.
• Advising customers on suitable substitutes for dated, discontinued, or unavailable products.
• Reporting customer issues, supply shortages, and inferior products to Management immediately.
• Engaging with customers and ensuring any special instructions given by the customer are followed.
• Ensuring that orders are accurately selected, scanned, and packed.
• Assisting with order collection, packaging, loading, and payment, where required.
• Keeping track of product offerings and availability.
• Collaborating with store departments to ensure efficient service delivery.
• Consistently manage own priorities to achieve all deliverables.
• Follow any lawful and reasonable instructions from your supervisor.
• Act as part of the team and always assist other members of the team in achieving common goals.
• Consistently live and be an example of the Company values.

Closing Date: Not specified.