Payroll Facilitator | Fidelity Services Group

Job Title: Payroll Facilitator

Job Summary: Responsible for recording and maintaining Payroll duties.

Reports to: Group Payroll Manager

Key Duties and Responsibilities (But not limited to):

• Adhere to limits of authority in respect of our Group Policy
• Processing of Income, Deductions, Transfers, Banking Detail Changes and Ad Hoc Changes on SAP Payroll.
• Meeting deadlines at all times.
• Complying with department policies and procedures.
• Adhering to limits of authority (authorization procedures)
• Processing of provident fund, Medical aid and Funeral Scheme application forms.
• Ensuring bank details are submitted and correctly processed.
• Ensuring accurate calculations and input of rate of pay changes. (Cost To Company Values)
• Ensuring all relevant deductions are done, such as 3rd party deductions, garnishee and maintenance orders.
• Processing of leave encashment and COIDA payments.
• Dealing with queries and enquiries from the business and employees
• Be professional and courteous at all times.
• Answering phones immediately
• Have cost saving in mind (treat the business as your own.)
• Be a team player and take responsibility for that which you are responsible for.
• Have good communication, clarity, accuracy and thoroughness in all that you do.
• Set goals and be the best example.
• Be honest at all times and report irregularities immediately
• Training (Including but not limited to)
• Monthly Processes and Procedures (As per Task List)
• Management File (Preparing)
• Payment File (Checking)
• Manage Payroll Agents
• Manage daily tasks such as HR Manage and E-services Recon
• 3rd Parties for the Group (Prepare and Vet)
• Postbook Feedback
• Ensure Feedback is provided where requested
• Assisting with Payroll Queries
• Monthly Task And Reminders
• Ensure all deadlines are met
• Planning
• Leave quota requests

Job skills and Abilities
(But not limited to):

• Be organised and meet strict deadlines
• Must be able to work under pressure
• Attention to detail
• Understanding the bigger picture
• Good communicator
• Excellent excel skills
• Must be able to work independently
• Must be SAP HR/Payroll proficient