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Sappi Ngodwana Mill requires an Outside Operator for Repulpers to ensure the paper machines has a constant and stable supply of pulp at the required quality.
This role reports to the Shift Superintendent.

Duties And Responsibilities
– Start and stop noodle presses and feed system according to best operating practice (BOP) at ratios required to satisfy PM 1 demand, also monitors slab pulp levels
– Monitor all quality parameters, especially kappa and consistency of the operation
– Conducts troubleshooting and applies problem-solving techniques to resolve issues around all noodle presses and repulper operations, escalates to shift superintendent for support and assistance
– Ensure an RCA first page is completed with all the information on an event before the end of shift
– Supervise and control activities of pulp feeders, vehicle drivers, cleaners, and access of personnel into the repulper area. Reports non-compliance to shift superintendent.

– Ensure all checklists are completed on vehicles and reports faults
– Check that noodle tipper car correctly spread the pile from the front to the back of the noodle slab and in the concession area as required.
– Inform #2 digester process controller when requiring starting noodle system
– Change over repulpers and ensure that standing repulpers tank and feeding systems are cleaned
– Update OEE’s including number of bales for newsprint and reels for KLB fed per shift.
– Scan reels used for KLB before end of shift
– Keep a comprehensive shift log and always ensures proper shift hand over

– Perform ad hoc tasks required by supervisors where licensed and when safe to do so.
– Conduct plant inspections and report all problems on SAP and to the shift superintendent, keeps SAP notification records history in the notification logbook.
– Liaises with maintenance team when a breakdown occurs or when engineering work is required
– Adheres to man a lock and local isolation procedures when performing production work such as clearing blockages on conveyors or cleaning of confined spaces
– Ensures all open work permits are closed and desolated before end of shift, if not ensures proper handover to the next shift

– Report all safety non-conformances and near misses in doing so ensuring safety at the repulpers
– Adhere to PPE requirements and ensure housekeeping in the repulper area complies with 5S
– Adhere to all environmental objectives, ensuring effluent and water usage is monitored. Reports all environmental problems on SAP and to the shift superintendent and follows up to ensure problems were actioned. Ensures spills are addressed and contained as required.
– Ensure wire bin at the repulper area is frequently removed when full
– Ensure all personal legal licenses and annual medical screening is done before the expiry date
– Ensures all personal legal licenses and annual medical screening is done before the expiry date

– Matric with Maths & Science/N3 Pulp and Paper
– Relevant experience in Pulp and Paper industry

Location: Mpumalanga

Closing Date: 22 January 2022

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