Officer Foreign Guarantees | Standard Bank Group

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Job Description
Responsible for the end to end processing of Guarantees to ensure that transactions are in accordance with international standard banking practice, rules and regulations with a view of avoiding reputational and financial risk for the Standard Bank Group. Receive request on workflow for processing. Scrutinize the wording of the request (standard/non-standard) and identify any operational risk (i.e. wording falling outside the Guarantee Operations and Legal framework). Refer non-standard wording to Operations Legal for vetting. Prepare draft from wording received and align it to Guarantees Operations and Legal framework


• Senior certificate and Diploma
• Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG), Certificate in International Trade Finance (CITF)


• Experience with issuance of Foreign Outward and Inward Guarantees, spot transactions, Nostro and Vostro accounts, exchange rates, balance of payments, exchange control, Nostro/Vostro reconciliation, SWIFT concepts, have knowledge and experience of Trade product Guarantees, Sanctions/compliance.
• Experience with all relevant publications governing guarantees Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees no 758, International Standby Practices ISP 98
• Identify and understanding risk (financial, reputational, regulatory, Guarantees and understanding the reporting process
• Experience in dealing with various stakeholders and managing their expectations.
• Ability to understand customer needs and requirements, resolve client queries, deal with difficult and demanding customers.

Additional Information

• Generating Ideas
• Developing Practical Approaches
• Developing Expectise
• Documenting Facts
• Examining Information
• Interpreting Data
• Challenging Ideas
• Interacting with people