Library Assistants x4 | HSRC

Job Advert Summary
The eResearch Knowledge Centre (eRKC) intends to enhance the HSRC’s research capability through innovative information services, geospatial solutions, and digital curation. It is an informed research enabler that provides innovative knowledge services and access to resources that meet the needs of the HSRC’s research community and its stakeholders.

The eRKC provides ongoing and pro-active information service to staff of the HSRC. This unit wishes to appoint 4 suitably qualified Short-term Library Assistants. This is a short-term contract for 3 months. The successful candidates will be based in the Pretoria Office. The Short-term Library Assistants will be responsible for the identification and packaging of information resources according to the weeding criteria of the preparation of the library move project guidelines.
Staff who will be appointed in this temporary position will be expected to work as a team, to attend to all tasks necessary to incorporate the two collections successfully.

Minimum Requirements
▪ A minimum of matric with library experience or a qualification in Library and Information Science is required.
▪ Understand the library’s shelving system according to the principles of the Dewey Decimal Classification system.
▪ Be familiar with the library environment.
▪ Computer literacy.

Duties & Responsibilities
▪ Key Responsibilities
▪ Physically identify and collect information resources from library collections as per weeding criteria set in the Library Move Preparation guideline.
▪ Mark information resources by categories based on the decision reached about the resource.
▪ Prepare inventory lists for de-selected information resources for reconciliation purposes.
▪ Identify and create an information resources evaluation station.
▪ Sort resources by specific collection in preparation for seamless packaging.
▪ Are they not going to package the resources as well?