Intern Instrument Maker : North-West University

Job Description
  •  The purpose of the position is to provide academic and support assistance, in designing, manufacturing and repairing scientific and educational instruments and apparatus of the University

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Responsible for Assisting to professionally manufacture and repair equipment that is needed by personnel and departments of the University involved in research and educational activities by means of specialized machines and equipment and various materials.
  • Provide assistance in the redesign and manufacturing to update and adapt equipment to better suit changing requirements of researchers and educators


  • Responsible for assisting and providing support to senior technicians, through consultation with senior personnel, group managers and other responsible persons, when designing and drawing of equipment to enable the accurate and repetitive manufacture of equipment. (This is done with the use of 3D design computer software)


  • Responsible for the proper use and care of machines and equipment in the workshop.
  • Responsible for the proper use of material and other stock used in the manufacturing of equipment including care and stock control of material in store to ensure that the department can be run properly and be always neat.


  • Responsible for keeping accurate time sheets and job cards to enable management to keep track of all costs and time spend on each project to enable the financial officer to produce accurate invoices and to see how much time is spend on each subdivision of work, including admin and maintenance

     Be the custodian of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

·   Requirements

·       Mechanical Engineering or Scientific Instrument Making NQF level 4 (Fitter/Turner/Toolmaker)
·       Practical experience as per school curriculum, 60% minimum in all subjects