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Grade C Security Officers: Servest Security

Servest Security is looking for 3 Grade C Security Officers to work in Century City.
Preferable live in close proximity as the site is self posting.

– We are a self-posting company – company transport will not be provided
– Minimum 2 years’ experience
– South African Citizen only
– Self-posting
– Be well groomed
– Must be a team player – no chancers please
– Working knowledge of basic security techniques, emergency evacuation procedures and use of mobile workforce technology solutions (Instacom / iTalk)
– Must have a smart phone / Must have a mask
– No criminal record
– C.V.

– Valid Certified Grade C PSIRA Certificate (NOT EXPIRED)
– 2 x Certified Copies of ID
– 2 x plain copies of ID
– Certified copy of matric certificate
– Bank statement not older than 3 months
– Proof of address not older than 3 months

Duties and Responsibilities
– All covid 19 protocols to be adhere too.
– Your duties & responsibilities will be depended on the Clients requirements.
– This will be explained to you.

Closing Date: 14 October 2021

Location: Century City, Milnerton, Cape Town

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