General Assistant (Factotum) Jobs at SACAP

Job Description

SACAP is looking for a Factotum.
The Factotum will take care of the security and maintenance of community buildings. Duties will include cleaning, performing simple repairs and maintenance tasks and performing security checks for the buildings in their care.

The Factotum will be responsible for the following areas:
Maintenance of Campus:
• Be responsible for checking the facilities outside of the campus
• Co-ordinate with internal staff members on the organizing and setting up of equipment and structures for events
• Must be able to identify defects and issues requiring maintenance and send through to Operations Manager
• Able to resolve small repairs, tighten screws, change globes etc
• Maintenance of all gardens and open areas. General upkeep, feeding of lawns, trees and plant beds. Weed control on paving and in gardens. Keeping all paved areas clean. Watering of gardens, lawns and trees, trimming of shrubs, trees and plants
• Programming and maintenance of irrigation, generators and pumps
• Water features and fishpond: cleaning and maintenance of the ponds

Stock taking:
• Keep inventory of gardening tools and equipment, lawnmowers and hand tools. Control inventory every 3 months and give status report
• Maintenance of lawnmowers, saws, blowers, weed-eaters, Neatness of all workshops/stores with garden
• Execution of any other tasks delegated by management or special projects
• Attendance at all staff meetings. Compliance with regular reporting and providing statistics as and when requested. Attendance at staff/ operational meeting etc

Qualifications and Experience:
• Matric Certificate
• Mature age (18 years and older)
• Conversant in English Language and a South African Official language
• Experience in the field of factotum

• Good interpersonal communication skills
• Good language skills
• Excellent Time Management
• Organised/structured
• Methodical

Personal Attributes:
• Responsible
• Adaptable
• Integrity
• Reliable
• Diplomatic
• Ethical
• Team player