Food Service Assistant | CSG Foods

Key Performance Areas
▪ Maintaining workplace hygiene and food safety
▪ Preparing and presenting food items for cold presentation
▪ Preparing and cooking hot and cold desserts
▪ Maintaining a secure and safe working environment
▪ Maintaining specified productivity levels

Competencies and Skills Requirements
▪ Basic Cooking Skills/ Methods, Cooking skills at a basic level across the required range of menu items
▪ Knife Handling Skills – Able to use knives professionally and safely
▪ Basic Literacy – Able to read, write and communicate adequately in the language of the workplace
▪ Numeracy – Able to perform basic calculations and work with numbers adequately
▪ Visual Perception – Able to perceive correctly and in visual detail so as to discern presentation standards
▪ Taste Differentiation – Able to differentiate specific flavours and recognise the required taste standards

Additional Skills Requirements
▪ Must be able to work under pressure
▪ Must be able to carry heavy objects
▪ Must be able to work in all weather conditions
▪ Must be able to do any given task – reasonable