Field Assistant Jobs

Conservation Field Assistant

The Conservation Field Assistant helps the Senior Nature Conservator & Nature Conservator to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of any Conservation aspect, such as fencing, roads, building bomas, soil erosion control, burning, alien plant eradication, water systems and game capture.

The fauna and flora of the property must be always kept in prime condition and with minimal impact to the environment so as to ensure optimal game viewing for the guest experience

Thinking Ability

  • Ability to actively plan daily tasks
  • Take initiative where needed
  • Ability to follow detailed instruction


Academic Qualifications and Background

  • Grade 10 or less
  • Literacy required
  • Work Experience
  • Prior work on a farm or game reserve

Job technical Skills

  • Valid Driver’s License

Personal Qualities

  • High degree of trustworthiness
  • Committed to minimizing the impact on the environment
  • Displays a sense of urgency and dedication to meeting the guest needs
  • Ability to work independently without receiving detailed instructions
  • Good grooming and dress
  • Maintains positive outlook in most challenging circumstances
  • Ability to establish relationships with people from different backgrounds

Business Values

  • Embraces, supports and models organizational values and culture