Electrical Assistant : Neo Batho (Pty) Ltd


  • Physically reading of electricity and/or water meters at buildings/complex’s included in the portfolio of this post when needed
  • Delivering of warning notices to the premises of such clients.
  • Discontinuation of electricity supply to clients who do not heed warning notices.
  • Attend to telephonic enquiries from clients.
  • Re-connection of electricity to client premises who have paid arrears after discontinuation of services.
  • Discontinuation of services to clients, which do not supply electricity agreements within the required time.
  • Ensure that “occupier accounts” are limited to newly taken on buildings / complexes only.
  • No such accounts to be conducted in respect of existing buildings!
  • Discontinuation of the electricity supply to premises where clients have vacated.
  • Attend to minor breakdowns in electrical supply up to the outside of units.
  • Perform reception & cashier duties on Saturday mornings as per duty roster.