Department of Higher Education | Cleaners x10

▪ ABET / Standard 8 / Grade 10.

Skills & Competencies
▪ Must be physically fit to lift heavy objects.
▪ Must be willing to rotate in different departments and sites according to operational needs and requirements.
▪ Knowledge of repetitive cleaning tasks.
▪ Knowledge of relevant facilities policies.
▪ Knowledge of relevant legislation, prescripts, policies and procedures.
▪ Knowledge of hygiene, Storage requirement.
▪ Good communication skills (read, speak and write).
▪ Ability to operate machinery and equipment.
▪ Adhere to loyal service ethics.

▪ Render support services to the supervisor.
▪ Maintain a high standard of neatness and hygiene in the facility.
▪ Implement infection control policy standards.
▪ Effective cleaning and maintenance of equipment.
▪ Cost effective use of cleaning consumables.
▪ Provision of cleaning support services to departments.
▪ Effective Waste Management.
▪ Provision of cleaning services: cleaning offices corridors, elevators and boardrooms by: dusting and waxing office furniture.
▪ Sweeping, scrubbing and waxing of floors.
▪ Vacuuming and shampooing floors.
▪ Cleaning walls, windows and floors.
▪ Emptying and cleaning of dirt bins.
▪ Collecting and removing of waste papers.
▪ Freshen the office areas.
▪ Clean general kitchens by: cleaning of basins.
▪ Wash and keep stock of kitchen utensils.
▪ Cleaning the restrooms by: refilling hand wash liquid soap.
▪ Replace toilet papers hand towels and refreshers.
▪ Empty and wash waste bins.
▪ Keep and maintain cleaning materials and equipment’s by: report broken cleaning machines.
▪ Cleaning of machines (microwares, vacuum cleaners) and equipment after use.
▪ Request cleaning materials