Department of Correctional Services | Administration Clerk

▪ Grade 12 or equivalent.
▪ Experience in office administration will be an added advantage.
▪ Computer literate.

Competencies and attributes:
▪ Firearm skills and the use of relevant security technology.
▪ Communication, Problem solving, Analysis, Service Delivery Innovation, decision making, understanding of safety and security in a correctional environment.
▪ Integrity and honesty, Confidentiality, Good Interpersonal relations, Assertiveness, Ability to network, Diplomacy and tact, and Resilience.

▪ The diarising of correspondence received/directed from the AC: Corrections.
▪ The distribution of correspondence to Heads of Centres and Community Corrections Offices.
▪ The exercising of control over returned correspondence.
▪ The following up of correspondence not received by the expiry of return dates.
▪ The forwarding of documentation forthcoming from the AC: Corrections.
▪ The referring of drafted documents from the AC: Corrections to the typing pool.
▪ The proof reading of typed documents.
▪ The final preparation of drafted documents for the signature of the AC: Corrections.
▪ The making of additional copies of documents as required by the Head: Corrections.
▪ The scheduling of meeting venues with equipment as required by the AC: Corrections.
▪ The equipping of meeting venues with equipment of the AC: Corrections.
▪ The drawing up of agendas in accordance with the requirements of the AC: Corrections.
▪ The taking down of minutes.
▪ The technical preparation of minutes.
▪ The distribution of minutes.
▪ The diarising of decisions taken at meetings.
▪ Management of assets.