Data Capturer | TBHIV Care

Data Capturer

will be responsible for capturing all programme data from the Global Fund People Who Inject Drugs Programme. He/she will work with the M&E Officer in ensuring data quality by following the data flows, M&E guidance and plans for the programme. When applicable, support the M&E Officer in analysing data to improve programmatic performance.

Minimum Requirements
• Qualification of Matric Certificate/Grade 12
• Minimum 2 years of data capturing experience
• Experience working on & other National databases (i.e. ETR, DHIS, RedCap); experience in capturing data, maintaining and/or updating databases, data analysis, data management process, de-duplication & Programmatic data tools and systems, Knowledge of MER & secondary Indicators, Knowledge of the POPIA
• Computer literate in MW Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Duties and Responsibilities
• Data capturing and quality assurance
• Monitoring and Evaluation systems and reporting
• Implement and adhere to the M&E Unit policies and procedures
• Understanding and compliance to the data flow policy
• When required by the M&E officer, present data to the team/facility
• Maintain confidentiality at all times

Skills and Competencies
• Good attention to detail and accuracy
• Good communication skills
• Organisational and planning skills
• Good interpersonal skills, including being a team player
• Demonstrate strong professional attitude and behaviour at all times