Customer Service Agents x5 | Eskom

Area of Speacialization : To provide generic and interface services related to specialist fields in a defined geographic area with the objective of providing efficient customer service.
Department : Customer Services, Customer Relations Area
Business Unit : Gauteng Cluster
Reference Number : RNDVER092022

Minimum Requirements
Related Minimum Experience:
• Matric
• Relevant qualification
• Customer Service experience

Skills and Competencies
•Team player,
•Motivating teams,
•Organisational Knowledge
•Counselling and conflict handling

•Planning and organisational skills
•Customer service and marketing skills
•Telephone Skills
•Communication and interpersonal skills
•Stress management skills

Key Responsibilities
•Directs the daily customer service activity operations
•Responsible for customer data
•Handle generic service activities
•Build a relationship between their customer base and “Eskom” via proactive interventions
•Conducts all conventional measurement and meter related tasks
•Processes and conduct credit revenue and credit management processes
•Perform vending and prepaid activities
•Process quotation and connection activities