Culture Marketing Specialist Mwd | Red Bull

• BA/BS University Degree 3+ years experience
• Excellent in and English, additional language skills an advantage
• Permanent, Full-time

The Culture Marketing Specialist is responsible for developing, building and refining the artist and dancer relations strategy, the way we work with artists and dancers across all our music programs and initiatives and our media formats as well as commercial opportunities and entities. He/She will ensure long term relationships are built, that impact the business. Ultimately this role will need to ensure Red Bull delivers highly innovative projects that contribute to the South African music and dance landscape. The Culture Marketing Specialist is an excellent project manager, an expert at converting creative ideas into realistic timelines with actionable tasks that deliver tangible results. Secondly, he/she is a creative manager with diverse music taste and a solid understanding of the dance landscape plus encompasses a network of 1:1 music and dance industry and artist relationships and is able to work in a matrix structure with several stakeholders.

Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we’ll trust you with:

Strategic responsibilities

Bring to life and constantly refine the artist and dancer relations strategy in line with company and brand direction to deliver overall business goals
Ensure effective talent bookings and work cross functionally with other departments including Red Bull Media Network, Brand, Field, Legal and On Premise
Deliver high impact dancer and artists projects
Bring to life successful music landscape collaborations ( Record Labels, Distributers, Etc)
Bring to life a strong 3rd party Music and Dance strategy

Artist and Dancer Relationships

Build and maintain relationships with strategically important artists and dancer managements
Main contact between Red Bull and the South African music industry, including labels, managements, publishing and promoter
Main contact between National Key Dance and Music events
Key contact for regional key promoters
Communicate the Red Bull brand and product value to artists
Introduce artists to Red Bull’s Culture initiatives
Deliver artist and dancer insights to the business to allow for impactful authentic strategy

Project Management

Deliver unique event concepts developed directly with artists and dancers for Red Bull Events
Manage the outreach, negotiation, contracting and advancing of artists and dancer bookings for events and content production
Work with the international and local artist Marketing team and third-party curation partners to bring the best Red Bull Events to consumers
Keep the holistic view of all Red Bull music and dance activities, ensuring balance and quality for well curated events and prioritize the brand’s business objectives over personal taste and/or preferences through a deep knowledge of diverse music and genres, with focus on local relevance.
Support programming of regional event properties and Red Bull Owned properties
Align and manage project budgets
Run all activities within the respective legal framework
Ensure all respective music rights / license matters are considered per project
Ensure effective work flows and project management

Your areas of knowledge and expertise

• BA/BS University Degree 3+ years experience
• Experience in a creative-based role (editorial, record label, agency, management, etc.) working directly with music artists and dancers on deadline-driven projects
• An established network of diverse artists and music industry contacts
• An established network of diverse dancers and industry contacts
• A proven “taste” record identifying, supporting and delivering results for innovative, zeitgeist-leading music and dancer projects
• Excellent relationship building skills
• Team player, creative, excellent communicator, open-minded, ingenious, innovative and self-motivated with a can do attitude and focused on delivering results/ KPIs
• Excellent understanding of the industry – from core to broader/mainstream audiences
• Proven Project Manager, able to multi-task and prioritize tasks across multiple projects – stress-resistant
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills including project presentations and recaps
• An understanding of brands & how they operate within music
• A passion for live events, marketing and media
• A strong understanding of the promoter network
• A strong understanding of the South Africa Dance Landscape
• Basic knowledge of music rights, licensing and entertainment business subjects advantageous
• High affinity to social media and basic knowledge in digital marketing skills
• … and you don’t take yourself too seriously? 😉