Creditors Clerk Jobs at Bluespec

Job Specification


The Creditors Clerk will be responsible for managing and controlling costs to achieve/exceed budget. This will involve:

  • Assisting with maintaining relationships with existing and potential suppliers to the Business, including prioritizing supplier payment according to urgency, managing queries, and reconciling items accurately and efficiently
  • Assisting procurement with maintaining correct service provider information, such as communicating on correctness of VAT information
  • Ensuring bank balances are corrected to agreed-upon levels through cash control
  • Ensuring creditors payments are done timeously and accurately, and that all discounts are taken in accordance with service level agreements and rate adjustments

The Creditors Clerk will also be responsible for establishing internal controls to deliver efficient processes and systems, including:

  • Managing the month-end procedure
  • Ensuring all service provider recons and payments meet month-end deadlines

Creditors Recons

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the Creditors Clerk will be responsible for the following tasks related to creditors recons:

  • Reviewing banking details and ensuring all new suppliers are loaded on the bank as beneficiaries, and following up on all pending beneficiaries to avoid payment delays
  • Sending out payment remittances as soon as payment has been processed, and resolving and communicating account-related queries timeously to the supplier
  • Ensuring outstanding items on the creditors recons are minimal and within accepted parameters
  • Ensuring the creditors department clears creditors recon items timeously (within 60 days) once the clean-up is complete
  • Ensuring creditors ageing is within accepted parameters (no more than 5% or older than 60 days once the clean-up is completed)
  • Assisting in ensuring all Dreamtec issues are communicated, monitored, and resolved accurately and timeously

Management of Dreamtec and Verifications Relationship

The Creditors Clerk will also be responsible for assisting in the management of the Dreamtec and verifications relationship, including:

  • Assisting in ensuring posting to service provider accounts and better usage of the service provider portal to make the creditors recon process optimally efficient
  • Assisting procurement in driving portal usage to reach targets, including liaising closely with suppliers to achieve this
  • Obtaining a monthly report from procurement for new suppliers loaded on the portal
  • Communicating with debtors and the verifications team to ensure additional costs are timeously billed and cases posted
  • Putting processes in place to identify and communicate inefficiencies/errors/weaknesses in the flow-through from Dreamtec to management


  • Experience as a Creditors Clerk
  • Matric