Continuous Improvement Audiologist | hearX

Position title: Continuous Improvement Audiologist

Work Location: 180 Garsfontein Road, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria.

Working hours:

• Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 21:00 SAST (6:00am – 15:00 EST)
• Availability after hours on occasion.

Job purpose: Responsible for improvement in the knowledge and quality of performance in the call centre (“Hearing Hub”).
Developing training material and continuously presenting it to the team, including Audiologists (Hearing Experts) and Relationship Managers in the Hearing Hub to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery and agent training in the HH. This person will also be involved with optimising the sales process/conversations to up the conversion rate of sales calls and the quality of service calls. The role is also responsible for ensuring hearX team stays up to date with industry developments, changes in competitor offerings, and trends in audiology service delivery.

Minimum Requirements:

• Relevant degree in Audiology (essential)
• Masters degree in Audiology (desireable)


• 5 years experience as an Audiologist, with 2 years experience with training junior Audiologists
• Training content generation and research
• Training facilitation
• Audiological research
• Hearing Aid troubleshooting
• Hearing Aid fitting
• Customer interaction
• Experience in a corporate environment

Skills and Knowledge (desirable):

• Quality control – analysis and interpretation of calls
• Customer relationship management system
• Sales process improvement
• Coaching or training experience

Key Performance Areas, Weights and Objectives
Team Support

• Assist with active monitoring and reporting of performance of team members.
• Monitor and enforce correct use of internal systems.
• Monitor and enforce HIPAA and POPIA Privacy Requirements.
• Assist with relevant HR related processes (ie onboarding, performance management etc.)
• Assist with enhancing and encouraging a culture of excellent client service.
• Assist with cultivating and maintaining a healthy and effective team culture.

Training and Content Development

• Conduct market research to stay up to date with trends and competitors.
• Develop, maintain and improve training content.
• Develop and maintain training schedules.
• Provide training to new staff as part of their onboarding.
• Provide ongoing training to existing staff as part of their development and market awareness.
• Provide continuous input on development and maintenance of user manuals, FAQ’s and tutorials, video material, infographics etc.
• Develop training evaluations both to determine agent score and effectiveness of training itself.
• Continuously optimise training efficiency and schedules, making midcourse corrections as required.

Quality Control

• Develop quality objectives and measures for effectiveness of sales and service calls
• Conduct frequent mock calls with agents.
• Continuously measure the quality of calls.
• Identify retraining requirements based on quality objectives.
• Improve quality of service provision and client call ratings.
• Improve quality of audiological knowledge and market/competitor awareness between agents.

This job description is not a definitive or exhaustive list of responsibilities and is subject to change depending on changing business requirements. Employees will be consulted on any changes. Employee’s performance will be reviewed based on the agreed upon objectives.