Commercial Property Administrator Jobs at City Property


The purpose of the job is to perform the general administration for the department and provide administrative support to ensure that all office and building administration run in an effective manner.

Perform administrative functions for the department.

1.      Prepare documents for the department, correspondence, etc.
2.      Prepare monthly pack as required.
3.      Minute taking in meetings.
4.      Accurate filing of documents.
5.      Order stationary/office equipment, computers etc.
6.      Provide assistance with the annual leave control for the department.
7.      Conduct ITC listings and reports when required.
8.      Coordinate the training for new staff.
9.      Diary management and preparing in advance to ensure that there is no duplication in the dairy and allowing for rescheduling of meetings as required.
10.   Ensure that the teams are fully aware of scheduled appointments.
11.   Book meetings and meeting venues.
12.   Coordinate and provide administrative duties related to community projects and social events.
13.   Ensure good housekeeping of the department.
14.   Summarize the timekeeping & telephone reports.
15.   Recording registered mail letters and managing the petty cash related to those costs.
16.   Distribute fleet management reports and recover reports with associated slips and forward back to Fleet Management.
17.   Monitor team movements to ensure familiarity regarding their whereabouts.
18.   Organize parking as required.
19.   Control & collect all documents required for performance reviews and complete the necessary checklist/control sheet.   Follow up with employee regarding outstanding reports.
20.   Weekly updating of relevant lists / schedules / report as required by the Department.
21.   Manage the departmental mailbox and ensure work is distributed accordingly.
22.   Create and assign check lists.

Working conditions:
Office based with limited travelling involved.

Qualifications & Experience:
  1.      Matric qualification required.
2.      A relevant qualification will be preferred (e.g. administration or office management).
3.      3-5 years’ experience in administration. Skills & Knowledge Required: 1.      MS Office skills required:
a.      MS Word – Advanced
b.      MS Excel – Advanced
c.      MS Power Point – Basic
d.      MS Outlook – Basic
2.      Diary management.
3.      Advanced typing skills.
4.      Ability to maintain confidentiality.
5.      Ability to meet set deadlines.
6.      Administrative knowledge and skills including filing, drafting correspondence, minute taking, report writing etc.
7.      Knowledge of customer service with internal and external stakeholders.
8.      Telephone etiquette.
9.      Basic event management Skills. 

1.      Problem solving – find solutions when emotions are involved.
2.      Reality testing – be objective; see things as they really are.
3.      Impulse control – resist or delay impulse to act.
4.      Flexibility – adapting emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
5.      Interpersonal relationships – building mutually satisfying relationships.
6.      Empathy – understanding & appreciating how others feel.
7.      Independence – be self-directed and free from emotional dependency.
8.      Persuasion – negotiating, selling, influencing and attempting to persuade people or trying to change the point of view of others.
9.      Multitasking – dealing with several activities at a time, enjoy being given new tasks before they have finished another.
10.   Teamwork – cooperation with others, good-natured attitude and encouraging people.
11.   Persistence – sticking with tasks, not giving up, dislike leaving things unfinished.
12.   Rule following – adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.
13.   Attention to detail – focus on details, strive for perfection and be well organized.
14.   Innovation – creative and open-mindedness.