Client Services Officer Jobs at Ampath

Purpose of Position:

To provide fast and professional client services to ensure client satisfaction.


  • Grade 12

Required Experience:

  • Knowledge: ASISA Protocol
  • Knowledge: Google and Google Mail
  • Knowledge: Meditech system
  • Knowledge: MS Excel
  • Knowledge: MS Word

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with insurance functions to ensure the correct processes are followed
  • Assist with switchboard functions in order to correctly refer clients’ queries
  • Assist with the materials management function to ensure sufficient stock levels
  • Assist with the Quality control function to ensure high standards are maintained
  • Assist with training client services employees to ensure competence
  • Compile, print and distribute route reports in order to ensure correct distribution of results
  • Compile statistics in order to provide performance feedback to management
  • Handle life threatening results to ensure turn-around-times are met
  • Handle the outreach batch to ensure correct distribution of results
  • Handle the serology and micro worksheets to ensure turn-around-times are met
  • Implement safety and emergency procedures to ensure safe working conditions
  • Maintain good client relations to promote the image of Ampath
  • Maintain hardware to ensure effective operations
  • Maintain the doctors and routes dictionaries to ensure correct distribution of results