Clerical Assistant | Aspen

Receive delivery notes, load materials, dispatch trucks, upload information / documentation into ERP, and process sales orders

▪ Documentation, reporting & record keeping
▪ Complete goods receipt notes and carry out material verification
▪ Generate sales orders
▪ Generate picking lists, packing list, load plans, sales invoices, and de-shroud notices
▪ Obtain signoff on finished goods from the Pharmacist prior to distribution, for materials only required for scheduled items
▪ Book the goods into the ERP System
▪ Send Stores receipt note and purchase orders to Finance and the Lab
▪ Assist in gathering the information required for reporting in department or area of technical expertise
▪ Compile detailed and standardized reports and consolidate documents
▪ Retrieve supporting documentation and records to facilitate and support query resolution
▪ Investigating
▪ Prioritise issues and orders
▪ Determine the cause of damaged goods
▪ Escalate unknown causes to the superior
▪ Track down mislabeled products, and correct the labelling thereof
▪ General office support / Administrative support
▪ Coordinate project and office services
▪ Perform advanced administrative, operational, customer support and computational tasks (such as, basic data analysis, report and document development, complex report preparation, content development, meeting planning and advanced research)
▪ Plan & process
▪ Coordinate and provide input into work activities and priorities
▪ Monitor adherence to schedules
▪ Provide recommendations to management on improvement in processes
▪ Provide guidance to and / or assists others with work activities
▪ Check own work
▪ Stakeholder relations
▪ Communicate with internal stakeholders to achieve work objectives and to maintain relationships
▪ Communicate with employees and management, to assist and convey information

Skills required
▪ Background/experience
▪ 1-3 years’ experience in an administrative role
▪ Minimum of a 2-year Diploma in Administration